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Support for Stephanie!


If you know Stephanie Ford, you've most likely been impacted by her positive, selfless, and giving nature. Now, it is our turn to return the favor to her. As many of you know, Stephanie was diagnosed with Stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma: triple negative - or in other words, Breast Cancer. Beginning, next week, (2/13) she will undergo Chemotherapy once a week for the next 6 months. As much as we are grateful that chemo will kill the cancer, we are also aware that it will wreck havoc on her body. To provide some comfort and nourishment for Stephanie during these treatments, we are creating a meal train to help ease the burden. Please use the calendar below to sign up for a day to help! We are also planning to use this page, as a way to keep you updated on Stephanie's progress. After Chemo, she will also have a lumpectomy, as well as radiation. We will let you know how to continue to help as we learn more about what is needed during this process to healing and health for Stephanie. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity, support and love. Your prayers, positive energy and warm wishes are also invaluable as we navigate this journey together. With love and thanks, Brian and Christina Ford and Family ***Feel Free to share this link with anyone who would love to support Stephanie!

Special Notes

Meal Train Details: *Homemade Meals - If you sign up to bring a homemade meal, please drop off by 5:30 pm that day. As much as she would love visitors, it will have to be on days when she feels up for it. *Food Delivery: If you do not live close (for those of you in Corona please note Stephanie lives in Corona Del Mar at the beach) or have time to cook a meal, don't worry the gift cards are a great option for them to pick up or have something delivered! There is also a pretty cool site called "spoonful of comfort" where they deliver homemade soup and bread. *Gift Cards - I know gift cards to local restaurants would be greatly appreciated. It may be nice to get out of the house once in awhile! ~Chronic Taco, Panera, Chic-Fil-A, BJ's Pizza, Chipotle, or anywhere with healthy options ~Corona Del Mar and surrounding area spots: Mama d's Italian Restaurant, Foretti’s, Bandera, Side Door, Roses Bakery and Cafe, Gina's Pizzeria, Greenleaf Kitchen, Nektar Juice Bar, Panini Kabob, Juliette’s, Mendocino Farms ***Foods to avoid - Mushrooms, beets and seafood. ***If you need her address, please text Christina at 231-590-4796 and I will send it to you!

Care Calendar