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Supporting Neighbors Alla and Vlad Who Were Devastated By IDA

Springfield, NJ


Hello my name is Darcy Parnes and I am setting up the Gofundme and GiveinKind to help Alla and Vlad at 54 Marion Avenue in Springfield NJ who have been devastated by Ida. Alla and Vlad are unable to get water heaters, furnaces, kitchens and all other household items because they have received no assistance from insurance or FEMA.  Alla is 73 years old and her husband Vlad is 80 years old and they currently living in their uninhabitable home, staying on the second floors, with no heat or hot water because they have nowhere else to go. They have lived in America for 28 years and have lived on Marion Avenue for 20 years.  This is their second flood and they have lost everything.  The past 6 weeks they have been without hot water, heat, a kitchen and they have been living in the house with floors, walls and appliances that are all covered in left over sewer water and mold.  When the waters came in so quickly from Ida, it forced water upstairs through the radiators and they now have water damage on the second floor as well.  They currently only have electricity in half of the house, so they are left without electricity in their dining room and kitchen.  They are using extension cords which is extremely dangerous and they constantly have to make sure that they do not trip on these cords as they maneuver around their mold filled house.  Alla and Vlad had their 6 year old grandson with them when IDA ruined their home and they had to run upstairs to safety while their grandson cried in fear of what was happening.  This was extremely traumatic for them.  All of their old appliances are still in the home and everything needs to be removed as quickly as possible to try to help limit the mold growth and further damage that is happening to their home and its structure.  This Gofundme will be used to help get them the basic necessities that they so badly need so they can survive until they hear back from insurance or FEMA.  Alla and Vlad do not have flood insurance and FEMA has told us at the town hall meeting that they max out at $36k ( Its basically impossible to get approved or get that amount either and receiving anything from the will take months if not years) so we really need to pull together to get this stuff done for them as quickly as possible as they are still living in their home and have nowhere else to go. If anyone could help us find them low income housing or senior assisted living please let me know.   The couple also has extensive dental work that desperately needs to get done.   Alla no longer smiles as she is embarrassed about her teeth.  She saw a dentist years ago who took advantage of her and unnecessarily drilled her tooth, which made one of her front teeth fall out.  She has not been back to another dentist since.  Vlad is 80 and is still working to try to help provide for him and his wife.  He is now very hard of hearing and everyday tasks are becoming near impossible. They need hot meals delivered until their house is demoed and redone and a functioning kitchen is put into place. They also desperately need a washer and dryer.  I will post progress updates and photos to keep everyone up to date. If you are a family in Springfield who is suffering from IDA and you are living in a home with no hot water or heat please reach out to me so I can add you to the list of people that I will do spotlights on.   Thank you all for pulling together and helping our neighbors who are in need.

Special Notes

Vlad needs to eat fish, when he eats chicken and other meats he feels sick so if fish dishes can be prepared for him with vegetables that would be wonderful. Alla will eat anything made with love.

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