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Encouragement for Guillermo & and his Family

Bethesda, MD


Guillermo's family learned he had an immune deficiency a little before his third birthday. They knew his white count, including his T cells and lymphocytes, were low. These cells are the ones that help fight infections. He never had a specific diagnosis other than lymphopenia and he was placed on antibiotics and antivirals to keep him healthy. He has been followed by an immunologist at Lurie Children's since then with minimal illnesses. In 2018, it was discovered he has a very rare gene mutation. At that time he was the 3rd case in the world. There are now 7 cases, 4 in the US and 3 in the Netherlands. Guillermo and his mother (Lana) are at The NIH for a Stem Cell Transplant to cure him, while dad flies back and forth from work. Unfortunately, the first transplant did not take. But Guillermo and his parents are fighters and a second Stem Cell Transplant recently occurred. With this, we started a Gift Card Train for friends and family to send their support of encouragement to Guillermo and his family. Guillermo has been at the NIH away from his family and friends since mid-June. Guillermo has been positive and we want to keep his good spirits going with some encouragement from all of you.