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Supporting Kenosha Care Net Families

Kenosha, WI


Thank you so much for volunteering to make a meal for our clients! These moms are blessed to have a community like you to come alongside them and support their decision of choosing life for their baby. Any questions, please email [email protected].  Thank you and God bless!

Special Notes

Meal Guidelines We are transitioning to having frozen meals on hand that our moms can take (each delivering mom will get 2) at one of their last visits prior to delivery. You can bring frozen meals at any time in the month and we will store them here! Our suggestion would be planning to make 2 freezer meals per month and bring them any time during our open hours. Bring meals to Alliance Women's Clinic (6105 22nd Ave. Kenosha, WI) during operating hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12-5pm, Friday 12-3pm. Meal must be in a disposable container or freezer bag (we won’t be able to give your dish back to you). If there are any cooking or reheating directions, please write down and include. Please plan to make meals that will serve a family of 4. If the family is smaller, they will get to enjoy leftovers! If you have any questions, contact Kayla Dejno at [email protected]

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