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Let's help Delaney give it her breast!


We are starting a meal train to help support Delaney on her journey to beat breast cancer! She typically eats three meals a day, but dinner is the most important. Help where you can with clean meals or groceries. Gift cards are also welcome. Liz Lane will be helping to coordinate food pick up. Thank you so much for your support! In case you are wondering who Liz Lane is... she is me! :) Delaney was my daughter's nanny for her first 1 1/2 years of life, while she was launching her fabulous wedding business. She started helping us at the same time the world shut down for a pandemic. She was part of our tiny bubble. Not only has she helped to raise my kiddo through a pandemic and some really difficult times, she has become family. I am so happy to help support her now after all she has done for us. <3 Delaney's story from her: December 11, the day I heard the official news that the lump I’ve been feeling in my breast was cancerous. My last year of my 20’s feels heavy. My sense of womanhood & independence feels like it’s taken a direct hit and I don’t know which why to turn. I got diagnosed with Stage 2 B/ Grade 3 Breast Cancer. This means that I have a large enough tumor in my breast that it has spread to my lymph nodes in my armpit (after multiple testing- it has not spread anywhere else, which is great news!). A grade 3 is the highest grade you can get, which just means the cancer wants to spread as fast as it can in my body. Since it has spread to my lymph nodes and the risk of spreading is high, my oncologist and surgeon suggest chemo before surgery to stop the cancer from growing. I start tomorrow (Friday). These last two weeks have been challenging, dark, and filled with doctors appointments and sleepless nights trying to process and navigate my new reality. From diagnosis to now- so much has happened and I’m feeling the need and longing to be extremely vulnerable and transparent with the very thing that’s trying to break me. I know I have an army behind me and this 2024 will force me to rely on others just as much as they have relied on me. As a “young” cancer patient I am already experiencing limited resources of support for young women going through diagnosis like this, so at the very least I hope to be a light to someone who might find themselves in my position one day…who is also just giving it their breast. 😉 This new IG is going to be specific to my diagnosis and updates along my cancer journey. If you want to see updates, progress, etc then follow this page since I will not be posting this on my personal or business page. I wanted one centralized spot for information so that y’all can see the curtain pulled back as I figure out how life will look from now on. There will also be some ways to help me out if you feel lead to do that & I will post those resources too when they become available. Xoxo

Special Notes

Delaney wants to eat as cleanly as possible. Kale and broccoli are her friend. She really likes salmon and chicken. Favorite restaurants are Fresh Kitchen, Bolay, Cava. Everything has to be fully cooked. Nothing raw. Double and triple check that everything is fully cooked, just like you would a pregnant person. Limit the amount of pastas/gluten-heavy foods. Foods to avoid: soy, processed food, margarine, prepackaged bakery goods, deep-fried foods, high sugar foods Text/email Liz Lane to coordinate food pick up/drop off. There will be a cooler outside of Delaney's door to leave food if you drop off. Liz's contact: 314-799-5365/[email protected]

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