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Food Train For Anabel


Anabel is a 7 year old girl from Katy, Texas. She’s the only child of Mabe (from Mexico City) and Daniel (from Newcastle, Australia). On February 17, 2024 she got diagnosed with ALL Leukemia Type B at the Texas Children’s Hospital. She spent 7 days in the hospital in which she began chemotherapy. For the next 9 months she will need to go to the hospital every week to continue with her treatment. Thankfully we will be able to do outpatient care, although the slightest change in her health can have us back at the hospital for an indefinite amount of time. We have asked for only gift cards for the following reasons: - Due to her condition we could be admitted to the hospital without any notice. - Since she has a compromised immune system we have been required extra sanitation precautions in addition to dietary restrictions that come with cancer/chemotherapy. - We will have to go to the hospital clinic once a week and that can sometimes take all day and can be nice to have food delivered during those days... especially when she has a procedure where she cannot eat since the day before. - Anabel is still like any little kiddo and is constantly changing her food preferences. One of the meds of chemo also alters her emotions and taste buds and Drs said to expect more drastic swings. We have added gift cards to a couple of her favorite restaurants, but if you know of a kid approved place we would be open to trying new food as she ventures into these new food swings - just no ingredients in front of the public like MOD pizza/Subway or raw/under cooked ingredients (even salads). We do have a membership to Door Dash so that would be preferred over Uber Eats (it makes it cheaper). We had also chosen this service because they have most of the places we usually order from. I know this isn’t the normal approach to the food train and we really do appreciate everyone’s support as we learn to navigate this new stage of life. With the current treatment she will not be able to be around her friends and family, and does not have the energy to do many of the things she enjoyed doing. We hope being able to at least treat her with food she craves can bring some comfort to her. Anabel is a very determined and strong little girl and the treatment has an optimistic outlook so far. If you would like to follow her story, search Mabe G Soto on facebook (mom's profile) and send a friend request and shoot a private message so we know why you are requesting. Thank you so much for your support!