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Support for family after Dad’s strokes and Baby’s NICU stay from HIE

Hancock, NH


On 2/9/24 Karen’s induction started. On 2/10 after pushing during two different periods, it was decided to bring baby Emily into the world via c-section. At some point, Emily did not receive enough oxygen to her brain and as a result has been diagnosed with HIE and spent 6 days in the NICU. She was lucky and did not have any brain or organ damage. Karen (mom) is recovering from the c-section and excess blood loss. On 2/12 Justin (dad) suffered a serious stroke that will take several months of PT to possibly recover from. He then had a second stroke on 3/9, and he possibly had an 3rd stroke that was missed. He has been hospitalized twice, had three ER visits, spent nine days in PT Rehab, and will be seeing multiple specialists in order to determine what is causing the strokes. He will also be going to out-patient PT. We are hopeful he will make a full recovery, but it will be a long road and Justin will be out of work during this time. Karen is also out of work as she is the primary caregiver for the family and will be transporting Justin to his appointments. Our family could use assistance with meals, donations, gift cards for gas, whatever the community would like to offer as we try to navigate all the unknowns and adjust to our new “normal”. We appreciate any and all help.

Special Notes

Justin is home so we will be switching to healthier eating… chicken, fruit and veggies, etc. We have to limit his pasta intake and other not as healthy foods. Thank you all so much for the support we have received so far.

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