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Supporting Women's Wrestling with Kayleigh Savage


Attention supporters of women's wrestling! Kayleigh Savage, a developing leader with a passion for women in sports, has been given an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact in Mississippi's wrestling community. Kayleigh has been invited to attend the prestigious 2024 National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships, set to take place NEXT WEEK in Cedar Rapids, IA. This event, now in its fifth year, is a significant milestone for women's wrestling programs across the country, and Kayleigh's participation will undoubtedly leave a mark on Mississippi's burgeoning wrestling scene. As the state's wrestling program continues to gain momentum, Kayleigh's role at the championships as a press representative is paramount in promoting women's wrestling and fostering a culture of inclusivity in sports. With your generous support, Kayleigh aims to raise $2,000 to cover essential expenses including flights, lodging, and meals. Your contribution will not only help Kayleigh fulfill her mission of representing women's wrestling in Mississippi but also enable her to capture valuable interviews, video content, and connections to further advance the sport. Join us in backing Kayleigh's purpose-driven endeavor to empower female athletes and champion the future of women's wrestling. Donate today and be a part of this incredible movement! #SupportKaleigh #WomenInWrestling #EmpowerAthletes

Special Notes

Kayleigh has a short time to raise the necessary support to travel to the 5th annual NCAA National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships in Cedar Rapids, IA next week. Your gift through $CashApp will provide Kayleigh with the funds needed to attend this event, grow awareness of women's wrestling, and begin helping her serving female athletes in the state of Mississippi.