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Meal Train for the Faircloth Family

Willow Springs, NC


Meal Train for the Faircloth Family. Both Jade and Pearl have been discharged home! Letā€™s help our awesome parents adjust to life with two precious girls + Ryan. We can make their days a little easier by contributing to the šŸ©·Giveinkind Meal TrainšŸ©·. Any and everything is greatly appreciated! As most of you all know, we are so excited about our twin girls born to Lisaā€™s son and daughter in law, Tori and David Faircloth, on New Yearā€™s Eve 12/31/23! Since they were born at 31 weeks, they have spent quality time in the UNCREX NICU. Big brother Ryan has anxiously waited months to meet his baby sisters! šŸ©· šŸ©·Jade Evelyn Faircloth was born at 2:26am at 4.5lbs šŸ©·Pearl Everlee Faircloth was born at 2:35am at 3lbs!

Special Notes

No allergies. A few restaurants close are Winginit Bar and Grille, Mi Cancun, Yummi Japan. Fast food close by would be Wendy's, Zaxbys, Culver's, and Panera. Any homemade foodsā€¦Casseroles, Enchiladas, crock pot meals, etc. Mom will need to avoid foods that can cause the babies to have tummy aches.

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