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Gre, TN


Jerry Vitthuhn had a stroke in late December. He had recovered from the stroke fairly quickly in regards to being able to come home. He started his in home therapy to start gaining his mobility and strength back however, he ended up getting RSV. This hit Jerry quite hard as he had not fully recovered from his stroke. During his time in the hospital it was decided he would benefit from a 2 week stay at Quillen Rehab. Jerry is now back home as of Monday and working everyday to get stronger then the day before. As you can imagine this has affected both himself and Sue as she has taken on the role of not only his wife but as caregiver top. I am wanting to help them lighten the burden by having some meals brought into them. It would be such a blessing to have a hot meal that Sue doesn't have to worry about with the added things she and Jerry have on their plate. Meals are very healing so, let's come together and help this family out.

Special Notes

Dietary restriction. Things without alot of cheese

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