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Love for Becky

Boaz, AL


Let’s show Becky some love and relieve her from the stress of having to cook :)

Special Notes

Have delivery services deliver from 5-6p and I will be telling Becky to leave a cooler on her porch that way she doesn’t have to worry about answering the door or being home for the delivery. After clicking the “I’ll help” on the date you choose, click next and confirm and at the end it will provide Becky’s address and then u can copy it. That way you can paste it into whatever delivery service your going through that’s in her area. If you try to go to grub hub through this website it won’t work. If you copy her address and then put it into the search bar on grub hub or door dash or whatever restaurant delivers in her area, then that should work and make sure you instruct them to leave it in the cooler on the porch!:)

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