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Helping Steve kick cancer in the ass!

Wichita, KS


Steve, whether he admits it or not, is going to need some help in the coming up weeks or months. So I thought this would be good, localized way for everyone to be able to look at and see what he needs. Steve has always been  part of my life and I’m selfish and not ready to let him do in any way. So I thought maybe his family & friends would like to help with some meals and anything he may need. I would like basically for to not need to do anything but focus on his health and getting better. I will be available after work to pick up meals and deliver to him if that helps someone out. I have received both of my COVID-19 vaccinations and will still follow guidelines for health and safety. 

Special Notes

I will update on on any food restrictions. But if you want to make a meal please make sure there are no nightshades in it and it’s not only colon friendly but colon cancer friendly. But some Grub Hub or Uber Eats gift cards might not hurt either. If you doing live around here but would like to help you can donate and go will go and get it for and take it to him. I do have Paypal, Venmo, Cash App and if you send more than what the item costs I will just put the remainder on a Dillons, Wal-Mart, Target or whatever he uses the most gift card.  

Care Calendar