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Supporting the Kam family

San leandro, CA


Thank you for visiting this page! We hope that this site will serve as an avenue to encourage you to lend a helping hand to the Kam family. Whether it is through prayers, words of encouragement, groceries, or financial support, any acts of service/gift is our way of expressing love - an action to say we carry each other’s burden. Mr. Daniel Kam, a dedicated, loving and hardworking father and a Veteran has been battling cancer alongside his family. Mr. Kam is constantly surrounded by his 2 sons (Andrew and David), his daughter-in-law (Thao), his sister (Karen), and his wife (Jenny). Recently, the Kam family has been needing to place significantly increased attention to Mr. Kam’s medical needs. Although family prefers to manage these things in private, our actions through this page can let them know that we, as a caring community, are here for them. The next few months will continue to be crucial for Mr. Kam’s round-the-clock care. In this light, I hope that you would help us make this family feel supported by providing a prayer, a message of encouragement (sending a text or a flower), groceries (preferably gift card), or financial support (consider a PayPal or Zelle donation) to tend to their daily and anticipated medical/family needs. As you scroll through the calendar page, we are hoping to provide consistent acts of support through the remaining months of 2021. Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope this act of kindness will return to you manifold. God bless!

Special Notes

When you consider providing groceries, we suggest sending E-gift card as each family member has specific diet preference. When considering to pray or send a message of encouragement, we suggest sending a text to the family or a flower with a card. The Kam family loves receiving written notes of positive thoughts and support When considering financial support to help the family with their daily and anticipated medical costs, we have a PayPal account linked to this page or a Zelle transfer. Kindly message below if you prefer supporting through Zelle so we can provide you with information. Again, thank you for supporting the Kam Family!

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