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Operation Restoration: Eternal Life for Ford

Murrieta, CA


“Well done, well done My good and faithful one Welcome to the place where you belong Well done, well done My beloved child You have run the race and now you're home Welcome to the place where you belong” ~ The Afters These are the words I heard in my head when I found Ford yesterday morning. Sometime in the early hours after both Frank and I had spent some time up with him, he departed this earthly life for Heaven. Absolutely no indication of anything. He was at his healthiest yet, and immense healing was happening. Visibly, physically and internally. As it is shocking and completely unexpected, we know he was greeted by the Saviors loving arms, and taken home where he is now whole again. Because I’m incredibly sensitive to spiritual things, there are some sacred thoughts Heavenly Father has given me to share regarding Ford and life in general... As everyone knows, over 3 years ago, a spiritual battle for Ford’s life, the likes of which could have been recorded in the Bible ensued following his drowning, and subsequent Brain Injury. That battle has never ceased. It has lulled at times to slow and had occasional flare ups, but as of recently picked up momentum again. The fire and heat from the adversary was heavy after Ford, his pain and his fight increased all while he continued to make incredible and odd defying progress. He never wavered in his course forward. Waking up to find his earthly body lifeless yesterday was meant to be a prize defining moment for the adversary. A moment in which he thought he could say I’ve won, the work will not move forward, the work of saving souls both spiritually and physically, that you’ve all devoted your lives too- and that’s sharing our Faith, and our Hope, our Trust and our belief that God the Almighty indeed is gracious and merciful even amid tragedy and loss. I’ve spent the entire night laying in bed in communication with the Lord and pondering the last three years, and while there are certainly some very large questions, there is also an understanding that Gods plan has always been for Ford to be healed. He told me I’d have my son (meaning he’d survive) and we’d work together to restore him. We have been doing just that. Ford’s healing was progressing beautifully even after all this time until yesterday. Like a thief in the night, the enemy sought to take our little one, a child that has been a choice and chosen spirit, warrior and vessel for healing. A child whose life was worth Gold in the eyes of the devil and whom he thought he could break the connection to God through if he ended his earthly life. I know, without question, that in those early morning hours when Ford left us, he was in fact greeted by the outstretched hand of the Savior who said, come on little one, it’s time to defeat the enemy once and for all. I am going to take you home with me, where you’ll forever more be safe from the evil tactics of the Devil. I never thought Ford’s time on earth would be so short, my stewardship over him has been the greatest pleasure and privilege of my life, and I know his daddy feels the same... time and time again in prayer and in gifts of healers and so much personal revelation it seemed the Lord was reassuring me of a life long lived here with us, full of love and healing for Ford. In just minutes, the course we were on was halted to a complete devastating stop. But never once has God let me, or our family down, and I know that will remain. Just as Ford has done, our family has done an amazing job, not only with Ford, but remaining to be examples of Faith and Hope and Love, fierce and powerful love that even death cannot break. I already miss everything about my little cherub and I know I will, and we will forever more miss him and his larger then life presence in our home and our community. But In the quiet hours before he left us, I was blessed to be up with him like I have been for so many days over the last three years, he was having tummy troubles so I sat with him, I rocked him, I held him, and snuggled him, kissed him and heard his sweet little voice talk back to me before he headed home to Heaven. I had no idea that would be the last time I’d hold him alive. But I know that he and I both know how special that time was and those are moments that although my heart hurts, and tears are filling my eyes, I will hold on to and treasure for ever. Our children had the opportunity to say goodbye to him in the hospital yesterday ... moments of absolute gut wrenching agony to watch. But once more, filled with Jesus in our midst and peace that surpasses all understand in this mommas heart and mind. We are out town as a family, and had planned to take Ford for those much needed stem cells very soon, so it makes it even harder to be away from home when such a tragedy strikes, so in the coming days and weeks as we return home and pick up the pieces from our broken hearts, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We may or may not respond, but we will see and feel the Saviors love for us, through your reaching out and be ever so grateful and thankful for the ways in which you will continue to bless us and carry us through the agony of losing a child. 💙 - Frank & Sabrina Velasquez

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Meals will be feeding 5 children and 1 adult. Dietary meat preference: white meat chicken ONLY for the adult meal please. Kid’s meals can include any meat. No other diet or allergy preferences.

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