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Help Support Amy's Fight in Stage 4 Triple Negative MBC

Frisco, TX


As you all know Amy has been fighting cancer since 2019. This year during a routine scan her doctor saw something suspicious and a scan indicated it was malignant. There are multiple malignancies in both her lungs. Tests are being performed to determine that it is in fact caused by her breast cancer spreading and not something else, like primary lung cancer, Amy feels well today with absolutely no symptoms. As I'm sure you could imagine this is a huge shock to a cancer fighter who was told she was cured. But some wars take multiple battles to win.  Time to muster the troops for another assault.   For those who know very little about Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, please read up here:

Special Notes

My Address is: 12602 Canoe Rd, Frisco, TX 75035    💉 I AM VACCINATED BUT MY ROOMMATE ISN’T  Ideas: - Send me cards   - Send care packages - I love going on skates and walks   - Send flowers and - Play with my dog - Watch cartoons with me   🍪🍰 DO NOT BRING ME HIGH SUGAR FOODS 🍵☕️ DO NOT BRING ME CLOTHES OR DISHES  📚🧸 DO NOT BRING ME BOOKS OR TOYS  -Negative COVID Test required during over night stays.  (Contact Amy for fastest test center near by. Test results not required before arriving) -No kids -Masks required -Bring only yourself unless you make prior arrangements AND TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME STILL LOOKING 👀 FOR: -I need someone who I can teach to feed my reptiles.  They eat live insects so you gotta be ok with worms and crickets.   -Grocery runs really help me. I will give you money to get them. - I need help writing things down