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Vegan Meals Sign Up for Angelina Johnson's Family

Highland, CA


Angelina Johnson passed peacefully surrounded by her family and friends on the morning of May 26th 2021. We are inviting our friends to support the Johnson family during this challenging time by helping to prepare healthy Vegan lunch and dinner for the sign up date that is sufficient for Russ, Jo Ann, Nathaniel and Juli. We would like to thank everyone who had so kindly signed up. It would be wonderful if you can include a loving note of comfort with your delivered meals. Please do feel free to continue to keep the Johnson family close in your thoughts and prayers.

Special Notes

The Johnson Family are very appreciative of your love and kindness in preparing the meals. They have requested for vegan meals and had no food allergy. We would appreciate it if you can dropped off the prepared meals at the front door between 5-6 pm. Please ring the doorbell to let them know that their meals had arrived. In the event that you are unable to deliver meals on your signed up date, please make arrangements to switch with another friend or family. You can also make arrangements to have food delivered from a restaurant. Thank you for your cooperation on this issue.

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