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Bless the Weaver's!


The Weaver's are preparing to welcome baby Eli. Read more of their story on their GoFundMe. Bless this sweet family by donating towards hotel room/lodging and food for their family.

Special Notes

If you'd like to donate food: The first week of food will just be for the kids and caretakers, while Josh and Amanda will spend most of their time in the hospital. The kids eat typical kid favorites: chicken nuggets, fries, cheese pizza, mac n cheese, waffles/pancakes, scrambled eggs, strawberry banana smoothies, yogurt parfaits, mixed fruits, popsicles/ice cream The second week Josh and Amanda will be back from the hospital - they arenā€™t too picky. Amanda will prefer dairy free but requests desserts or coffee :) šŸØ They love fresh pressed juices! Gift cards of any kind to any place. There are great restaurant options in the Indy area. Here are take out/ gift card ideas: Takeout Indian - chicken tikka masala with no spice. Panera - BLT Turkey sandwich, strawberry smoothies, chili Chick fil a - Kids nuggets w Chick-fil-A sauce, fries, choc milk, apple juice, ice creams, yogurt parfait

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