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Sending Love to the Foleys

Worchester, MA


As you may know, Patrick was diagnosed with glioblastoma in December of 2018, and he has now started in-home hospice care. The last two years have not been easy, but Patrick, Tracey along with Fiona and Maddy have endured with the support of family and friends, their faith, and positivity. Help them keep that positive momentum by sending your love. You can send love by giving through this (GiveInKind) site, which allows you to sign up to deliver a meal or select from a variety of e-gift certificates. The meals and gift certificates from GiveInKind will also go directly to Tracey. Alternatively, you can send love through GoFundMe (, which will allow Tracey to use your gift towards additional private care, and as things come up (e.g., bills, food, etc.) Due to the pandemic, visiting is not an option at this time, but video messages are another great way to let them know you're sending love.

Special Notes

If you have any questions about sending love please contact Colleen ([email protected]). Suggestions are also welcome.

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