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About Michelle Oakley Silvestry's Breast Cancer Journey

Michelle was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer on March 22, 2019. She had put off going to the doctor for a few years because her regular doctor had retired. She needed to get some other lady parts checked out and the new doctor sent her for a routine mammogram. The imaging and biopsy found cancer in both breasts. She started an aggressive form of chemotherapy on April 4th and treatment will continue for one year. Michelle is going to need assistance with meals and cleaning. She wants to make sure her son Jackson and significant other Carl eat even if she may not want to. Lets all get together and show Michelle our support in this tough time. She will kick this cancers ass!

Special Notes: 

Michelle will need assistance with house cleaning. Donations to PayPal will go towards a regular cleaning service.  Michelle is following a dietary protocol that her doctors prescribed. She must not eat any soy products or estrogen producing foods. Please check the allergens to see if soy is listed on the label. Sadly, most chocolate has soy lecithin in it unless you get the fancy stuff from Sprouts or Whole Foods. We appreciate you supporting her doctors orders.  No seafood please. If you claim a meal please leave it on the front porch in the cooler. Press the Ring doorbell and leave a short message saying the food is in the cooler. Feel free to leave best wishes to Michelle as well. She will see the videos. It is in her best interest to not interact with lots of people because her immune system will be severely comprised. We appreciate your understanding in advance. Additionally, there is an option to buy gift cards through this page.