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Support for The Warrens

Lakewood, OH


Hello All, Welcome to the Warren Family meal train. If you know them then you know, they are actively involved in their church, their neighborhood, Lakewood and the greater Cleveland area. Their family selflessly gives support to others and now it’s our turn as their community to give back to them. Shawn had an unexpected health scare and has been hospitalized. To lighten their load as he recovers at home, the family has agreed to a meal train. “Inspire hope and change, practice kindness, aspire to inspire others in your community and be the hero that you can't find in this world.” ― Germany Kent

Special Notes

The family is okay with any cuisine, yet they prefer less spice! NO: shellfish, nuts of any kind, mushrooms, dark leafy greens The family appreciates meals but they are also open to gift cards to Heinens and Aldi.

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