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Giving Clara and Nick a Helping Hand

Oregon City, OR


Clara and Nick are overjoyed with the arrival of their newest baby girl! They are beyond blessed! The reason for this page is to lend support to their beautiful family as Clara recovers with limited mobility due to an unforeseen complication. They could use a bit of help with meals from friends and family as they take care of their little ones as she recovers. They are so grateful for the care and support of family and friends. Together we can shower them with love as Clara recovers, and ease them into life with three girls (two under two)! Please join me (older sister Elizabeth AKA Auntie BizBiz) in making sure that they are cared for during this transitional time. I have set up the care calendar for dinner for 3 daily, which can be fulfilled with a home cooked meal, or a gift certificate to Whole Foods, or Instacart. Alternatively, gift certificates to favorite restaurants, Whole Foods or Instacart can be purchased online and sent to directly to Clara at [email protected]. Clara also has a Venmo account @clarameechan where she can use the funds for meal delivery as needed. Any help is deeply appreciated! Thank you! ❤️

Special Notes

You can click on the calendar or wish list to see ideas for how we can help! For those of us out of town but still wanting to help with meals here are a few ways we can send meals: A gift certificate to Whole Foods or Instacart would help out tremendously! Gift certificates to Whole Foods, Instacart, or Postmates for food delivery or restaurants can also be purchased online and sent to directly to Clara at [email protected]. We can also help with a donation through the Pay Pal as the link on this page as it is linked directly to Clara's account. Clara also has Venmo @clarameechan and can use the funds for meal delivery. Thank you to all of Nick and Clara's family and friends near and far! 💕

Care Calendar