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Welcoming Nora

Lombard, IL


We are preparing to welcome our first child, Nora, into the world and we would be so grateful for your continued support in the first month as we learn the ropes of being new parents! With paternity leave being almost non-existent in Illinois, we anticipate Mike having a regular work schedule quickly after the baby arrives. Having dinners delivered or brought on days when he is working would be a huge help. It would also be a great way to introduce our daughter to our closest circle of people one at a time! We would love to see you.

Special Notes

Likes: - Pizza - Chinese food - Baked or roasted vegetables - Proteins (meat/poultry) -Any kind of casserole Dislikes: - Olives - Raw carrots - Raw canteloupe - Pumpkin - Squash Favorite Restaurants: -Lou Malnati's -Los Burritos Tapatios (Glen Ellyn) -Cilantro or Chipotle -Culver's -Portillo's -McDonald's

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