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Love for the Davis Family

Grandville, MI


This is Jon posting on behalf of my wife. She is currently on screen restrictions on advice of the doctor she started seeing at Mary Free Bed's post-Covid clinic. She hasn't had the strength at this point to communicate with many of her friends so she asked me to post an update here. She misses you guys and wants you to know that a lack of communication from her is in no way a lack of interest in her relationships! This is what long COVID looks like most days for her at this stage of recovery. I've joked with her recently that she might have starved to death if I didn't work from home but there are days where she literally doesn't have the strength to shoo away the cats that she's suddenly more allergic to when they try to snuggle with her. For those not familiar with her story she contracted COVID March 2020 and had developed "long-haul" COVID afterwards (there are estimates that there could be some 20 million people worldwide with some degree of long-covid. That's 10%-30% of the estimated cases). She had probably recovered 75% or so by the time she caught COVID a second time late this past March and was feeling well enough that she'd even been able to move into a new position at work. This second infection (separate infection, not a relapse or flare) hit her hard - particularly from a neurological perspective (thus the screen restriction mentioned earlier) - and she been largely debilitated for the past 2-1/2 months. The cruel irony of the timing of her second infection is that she'd received her notification that she could get her COVID vaccine a couple days after she'd developed symptoms. She actually had a pending COVID test when we received that email (and you wouldn't believe how many well-intentioned people have asked her some version of "weren't you vaccinated?" since then). She now lives in a strange juxtaposition - life around her is moving back to normal as fast as possible and her world is still dominated by the desolation left by this terrible virus. We are grateful for the help from the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation (Noah Greenspan) and the wonderful community of other long hauler friends she's met through their programs. She was well on the road to full recovery through their support, guidance, and medical know-how. With this new setback there is also a new local avenue of additional support - Mary Free Bed's covid reCOVery clinic. Within the next week or two she will be starting with PT, OT, and speech therapy several days a week. Her doctor there is confident in their ability to help retrain the parts of her neuro system that have gone haywire and get her back on the road to recovery. In the meantime, we are grateful for the encouragement, meals, understanding employers, and offers we've received for help. Admittedly, I'm not good at accepting help but Becca keeps reminding me that I need help (I suspect she's tired of my cooking šŸ¤Ŗ). We are looking at several months of medical leave and hard work for her and appreciate continued prayers for her recovery. If you want to reach out to her - please do so! She does sneak peeks at her phone sometimes though she may not have the strength (or remaining screen time) to answer right away. I've also been reading messages to her and taking dictation for replies. She misses her friends and work family and is hopeful to get past this soon.

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