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Help for me-Amber

Sandy, UT


About two or three years ago when I was 12-ish,I started having really bad headaches and dizziness which caused me to not even be able to go to school as I was so dizzy and my head hurt which caused me to become nauseous. my mom, spent a lot of money, visiting, neurology, inner ear, and more doctors to see why and none of them have found out why though I am much better than before. My mom has spent a lot of money and I want to help, and recently I have been diagnosed with autism, and as my mom has spent a lot of money trying to figure out why I had headaches and dizziness. She does not have a lot of money to buy me stuff for my needs like sensory tents,swings,etc.

Special Notes

Please no being mean in the comments. I also have social anxiety, depression and anxiety so please no being mean. ūüėä

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