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Jaxon’s fight

Glendale, AZ


Last Monday we took our son Jaxon to the doc and was told be the Dr to take him to Phoenix Children's hospital around 1am he was Diagnosed with Leukemia type bcell ALL(Cancer of the blood). He has started chemo and the doctors have said his labs are looking much better and his bone marrow biopsy came back negative for malignancy and his genetic testing cane back on the favorable side. All this meaning he has a wonderful chance of recovery. There is an 80-90 % Chance of remission for the type he has. It make take a while to get better but he is so strong and gives us strength. Thank you everyone for your love support and prayers.

Special Notes

Amy is lactose intolerant now. Jax has a compromised immune system so he can’t have fast food it has to be cooked and can’t be sitting out for more than an hour so we have to cook his food.

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