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Baby Bussian #2 On the Way!

St. Paul, MN


Baby Bussian #2 On the Way supports the growing Bussian family! Corissa, Carl, and Bruno are expecting baby #2 on November 28, 2021. This page offers multiple ways to support the Bussians during this exciting, but hectic time. How can you support Corissa, Carol, Bruno, and Baby Boy? 1. Plan a meal for them! Whether you cook the meal yourself or have a meal delivered to them, not having to worry about dinner will be so helpful. Bonus points if the meal can turn into two or three meals for them! 2. Purchase something from their baby registries on Amazon and Target! TARGET: Amazon: 3. Gift them cash through PayPal! A little extra cash around the time of a new baby is always needed and appreciated. 4. Share this page with folks you think might like to support the Bussians (e.g. extended friends, friends of family, etc.) who might not see this page otherwise.

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