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Loving baby Herrington


What a wild ride it's been! from a Texan and Canadian meeting on vacation, "dating" long distance, in Houston then long distance again between Houston and St Louis...and now, we're in Corvallis in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon with baby girl due any day now!

Special Notes

For meals, we are accepting gift cards and deliveries of gluten-free and dairy-free foods. We love to eat fresh with lots of veggies, but Stef's time for cooking is diminished these days! Our favorite local restaurants include: TacoVino, Bo & Vine, Evergreen Indian, Eats & Treats, Tacovore, Little Morocco, American Dream Pizza, Del Alma, Castor, Tarntip Thai, and Al Jebal. In the early days, we are accepting helpers only (cooking, cleaning/laundry, lawn/garden help). We're just getting the hang of this parenting thing and not yet ready for visitors. We will update everyone when we are ready to accept vaccinated visitors :) Once we are ready, we're excited for you to meet baby girl and explore with us this beautiful landscape we now call home.

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