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Amanda‚Äôs Open Minded Tour ūü•į

Houston, TX


Our girl has started on a journey. It started as a headache, then turned into a mass/ legion/ tumor. On Jan 5th , (Amanda's Birthday) The Dr confirmed our girl has a brain!!! yay! He removed 80-90 % of the tumor. The next step is figuring out what we are dealing with. Our girl won't be able to work for a while and driving is also out. That's where WE her village come in. The next few months will be a challenge. The family will need help as they all adjust to a new normal. We are working on setting up crowd funding at a later date but we all want to help them out now! This page is the best way to help!!! please feel free to share and contribute!

Special Notes

Amanda had major brain surgery. Please text before you call, and keep the call short. Also, if you visit, keep it to one person at a time and not more than 10 or 15 min at a time until she is ready for more. Check this page to see what is needed and when she is accepting visitors etc.

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