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Emerald Place Memory and Dementia Care

Glenview, IL


Emerald Place is a memory and dementia care community in Glenview. Their caregivers are working hard to ensure stability in the lives of their residents in these confusing times. A meal donation would help honor our healthcare heroes! Thank you HOW TO HELP: 1. Select a lunch/dinner date below on the calendar 2. You pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service or Grub Hub/Uber Eats/Door Dash. No personal deliveries, please. There are recommended restaurants below that we are sure have the ability to deliver. Some may require online ordering only. Order for 25 people 3. When you claim a spot please say what you have ordered, so the lovely workers know what to expect. If you say what you ordered, it can help avoid too much repetition(but don't shy away from ordering if the only restaurant you want to order from has been used recently. Our goal is to help the workers out!) 4. Please tell the restaurant to deliver right to the front desk. ADDRESS: 1879 Chestnut Avenue 5. Deliveries should be made at specific times as listed below.

Special Notes

Recommended restaurants that are able to deliver and fill the orders(you may order from wherever you choose these are some restaurants that we have contacted and said they are willing to deliver): Riobamba Noodles and company(can deliver via GrubHub or Uber Eats) Potbelly's Chipotle (24-hour notice and a 25 dollar delivery fee)

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