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Miracles come in pairs

Winston Salem, NC


SUCH AN EXCITING TIME for the Jessup clan! They have a couple miracles due to make their debut as early as next week! As times have changed and help is needed but from a distance, this seemed like the best way! The meal train was created to take some pressure off Jessica and Ashe as they navigate parenthood with their precious twin girls and Salem! We have some healthy girls on the way but are preparing for a small stay at the hospital. We have set up for lunch and dinner train for a month, starting on Monday May 3rd but may be extended! If you are unable to provide a meal but want to help, there is a gift card option that will be sent to Jessica's email and just claim a day for them to use it! We appreciate all your help in advance! Thank you!

Special Notes

If choosing to bring a meal for the family, we ask that you reach out for best practices for safety and health!

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