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Supporting Shyla and Nick for the new baby

Pasco, WA


Shyla goes in for her C-Section on 6/28 at 5am and should be giving birth to their new bundle of joy around 7am that day! Shyla will also be getting her tubes tied so will have a slightly longer recovery time. 6/29 is also Aliyah's 13th Birthday! Their house will be full with a 13year old, 2.5 year old , 1 year old , and brand new baby!

Special Notes

Instead of a baby shower , Shyla and Nick want to do a meet and greet. People can text me or them and set up a time to come over and meet baby Roman Lee Doescher...maybe you sign up to bring them a meal or coffee...maybe you want kid time all to yourself and you take one of the ones older than brand new age out on a playdate and give Shyla and Nick a break to only have the one baby in the home for a few hours..the options are endless :)

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