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Food for Anne and children

Union city, PA


This year started out rough. I had a complete miscarriage Christmas day and my fiance and I started having problems and he lost his job and we separated and worst part is we were behind on rent as it is since we lost his dad last July and paying for that put us in a hole we couldn't get out of. Now it's a new month and I'm left with 2 months behind on rent (i applied for public housing but yhat takes up to a few months before they have an opening) . I've reached out to my county assistance office haven't heard anything back yet to get foodstamps and hopefully liheap for help paying my electric bill which is also insanely high since i live in an old electricheated building. . We were always picking how much we could afford each week towards bills to still put food on the table for the 4 children... They are boys 8, 5, and 2 and A girl that's 3 ... Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment for pre-op tests labs before my tubal removal on the 28th of Feb. I should have enough gas in the car to get there but I'm not sure if I will make it back as it's a 50 mile round trip . It's been a lot and I'm a mess trying to stay strong for these babies .

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