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Supporting Katie Gresham and Family

Sherman, TX


hello friends and family my name is Rachel Huss and I am a friend of katie and her family. Katie right now is fighting the fight of her life. We know that we serve an amazing God and that God is the ultimate healer, but during this time she needs our help as friends and family we need to come beside her and her family and try to help them. One way we can do this is to provide her and her family with meals. These meals can be brought to their home they can come via gift cards or through GrubHub or any other outlet that they can use to have me a delivery services. Mrs. katie has done so much for my family and I know if you’re reading this and you know her she has touched your family or you know someone that she has touched personally I pray that we can fill this calendar up with all the dates so her family can be blessed. Do you have one less burden that they have to worry about so that they can spend their time healing and have family time together. If you have any questions you can reach out to me personally.

Special Notes

As far as I know they can have anything they do love sweets I can tell you that! If you have any questions please reach out to me and I can get a hold of her 903-357-2983

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