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Support for Andrew Azure and Family

Mount Vernon, WA


Our dear friend, Andrew Azure, and his family have suffered a terrible loss. The intention of this page is to organize and mobilize support for Andrew and his family during this difficult time so they may focus on processing and grieving their loss while knowing they have a network of love and support.

Special Notes

For meals, there are currently four adults and two children staying in the home. There are no food restrictions (however they are not fond of onion). You may show your support in several ways. For simplicity, we've arranged a few options for you to choose from. You are not restricted to only these options, but if you choose to provide a meal (homemade or meal delivery service), please do sign up for the day you intend to provide to ensure we don't inadvertently double up on a day. To sign up for a day to provide dinner that will require personal delivery, please connect with Adam Householder to make arrangements. Adam has volunteered and happy to deliver and drop-off whenever needed. (Call or Text Adam at 425.287.3426)

Care Calendar