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Fun Meals for Marty

Seattle, WA


Hi Taproot Friends, Several of you asked when it would be ok to send meals to Marty and Sarah. Good news--Marty is back to an almost normal diet now!! Sarah has classes on Tuesdays so she said it would be really great to have dinner delivered once a week on Tuesdays for the next four weeks. I've included the specific meal instructions (like and dislikes) below. You are welcome to drop off food in person or arrange for delivery, but it you can let Sarah or Marty know about what time it's arriving that's always helpful. Sarah's cell is 206.930.8645. Marty's is 206.445.4491. Delivery Instructions: 300 NW 80th St Apt 9 Seattle, WA 98117 The apartment has a key pad next to the front entry. Find "Gordon" or "Apt 9" and press the button to be let in.

Special Notes

Marty and Sarah's favorite local take out places are Razzi's, Thai Siam and Panda Express, but they are game to try food from any of your favorite places as well. Marty avoids dairy, but otherwise has no food allergies HOWEVER while recovering from his surgery, Marty cannot have foods with rough textures (chips, toasted bread, fried or breaded dishes, etc.). Otherwise, he is pretty much back to eating regular foods (only mild spicy). Meats, cooked veggies, noodle dishes, rice dishes, dumplings are all ok. Only mild spicy, please.

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