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Supporting Steve Smith

Springfield, IL


On Friday, July 9th, around noon, Steve was transported to Memorial Emergency Room in an ambulance for low oxygen and what we thought were complications from pneumonia. While in the E.R., it was determined he had several significant blood clots in both of his lungs which were affecting his heart. Steve quickly transitioned out of the E.R. for cardiovascular intensive care services. He underwent a procedure for the clots and the Cardiologist was ultimately pleased with the outcome. Steve recovered in the Intensive Care Unit for the remainder of Friday and most of Saturday. The remainder of his recovery took place in intermediate care and then general care during the evening hours on Sunday. Dad was released on the 12th and got home around 3pm! We feel that God had his hand on dad and are forever grateful that his life was spared and that he spoke up when he did. From what we know, the timing of things Friday made the difference on the outcome. There is still some clotting present so we continue to pray and he will medicate accordingly. With that in mind, your support is making a huge difference. Thank you! Thank you deeply for your generosity and your willingness to help lighten the load for mom and dad while he recovers at home. We have been touched by the texts and calls. With much appreciation, Meagan, Andy, and Will

Special Notes

No restrictions on dad's diet! Home cooked, carryout, or giftcards are all great! Favorite restaurants: Panera, Bella Milano, Brickhouse, and Keefner's. Please no onions and their spice preference is between little and none. Please don't hesitate with any questions. Thank you Andy (call or text) 217 502 0436

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