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Support Torin's Life Changing Top Surgery


Hey, my name's Torin, I'm 18, and I'm a genderqueer person. I've begun my medical transition with starting testosterone, so the next step for me is getting top surgery. However, top surgery is estimated to be around 10k ($10,000), potentially more depending on travel costs as I have to travel interstate. I can't afford that, but top surgery is a procedure that will relieve a lot of emotional distress and will improve my overall quality of life. The funds will be used to cover the costs of the procedure; so the surgeon's fees, the anaesthetist fees, the surgical garments, post-surgery care, and any hospital fees Medicare won't cover. As well as transport fees and hotel fees, as I will need to be in a hotel for 2 weeks post-surgery before I travel back home. This surgery will be life-improving, so any donations to my GoFundMe will be amazing and I am so grateful for anything donated to help.