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Kailyn Browning meal train

Reedsvilley, OH


With four kids and this brand new beautiful baby, Kailyn and Brandon can use all the help they can get! Just choose a date that you can deliver a meal, whether it's home-cooked, from a restaurant, or even a gift card from a restaurant. Keep in mind that Kailyn has quite a few food allergies (described in the Special Notes below). But Brandon and the kids can eat anything! The family enjoys restaurants like Wendy's, Arby's, Chick-fil-A, and Outback. She can also eat Dominos, because they have a gluten-free pizza! If you want to deliver a meal, Brandon can meet up with people if needed.

Special Notes

While everyone else in the house can eat anything, Kailyn has quite a few food allergies. Food for her or her family are both appreciated, whatever you can do! Kailyn is most allergic to: any kind of nut (peanuts, coconut, walnuts, etc.), strawberries, bananas, tomatoes and anything with gluten. Meat and dairy are usually pretty safe! Gluten free things like pizzas are usually good as well, if there is no tomato based sauce. Papa John's, Donatos, and Dominoes all have gluten free pizzas that she can eat, usually with no sauce or a garlic based sauce instead of tomato sauce. She loves grilled chicken salads from various places as well! Pot roasts, shredded chicken to put in something, etc are good options. She can also eat rice. If you cook something, it may be best to list any ingredients you used so that she can double check. Thank you all!

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