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Love for Autumn and family

Hendersonville, NC


On Wednesday Feb. the 8th Autumn went for a routine colonoscopy. The doctor told her there was a tennis ball sized tumor on her Sigmoid Colon. The biopsy confirmed it is indeed cancerous. A CT scan showed it has not spread. Autumn will have surgery Tuesday, Feb 13th to remove the tumor. Autumn is such a beautiful human. She brings a light and love that anyone near her can feel. As she and her family navigate these uncharted waters let's all show her the love and support she has undoubtedly showed us at some point.

Special Notes

Please see delivery instructions for meal drop off coordination. This tab will appear once you select "I'll help" on the date you wish to provide food Feel free to shower Eli and Cass with love during this time also. Only restriction is no milk chocolate for Cass please!