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Harry Stoner and Family

Stockton, CA


Update as of March 24: Harry is home and on his path to recovery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Around midnight on Saturday, March 13th (Harry's birthday), Harry suffered a cardiac arrest of unknown cause. He is now in the ICU of the hospital under sedation and observation. Denise and their family are taking good care of one another. *The greatest need is prayers for Harry's recovery.* We welcome small-sized family meals, and will post here if other requests arise. Harry is currently unable to receive any communication. Denise asks that rather than call or text her for updates, you reach out to another family member - including her sister, Sylvie (who is hosting this site.) Thank you for your love and support, Denise, Harry and the Stoner Family

Special Notes

We have no food allergies or dietary restrictions. Please text or call Sylvie with any questions or notes around dropping off contributions.

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