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Welcoming the Newest Addition to the Kim Family!

Sugar Hill, GA


Mark your calendars - The newest Little Miss Kim will be arriving on February 23, 2024! Let's help the new family of four get settled in and feel as comfy and loved as possible upon welcoming their new little princess! This page will be used to help provide a meal train for the 2 weeks after Emma's lil sis comes home. Let's make sure they are well-fed and have the essentials they need! You can also use this page to help in other ways (send some diapers, gift cards for different restaurants or meal delivery services, etc.). Thank you all for contributing and helping welcome the newest addition to the Kim family! ~Auntie Shreela

Special Notes

Visitors: The family welcomes visitors, but just asks that you give them a heads up before heading over! Diapers: Huggies brand, size 2 and up, please!

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