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Supporting the Parramores'


Hey Ya'll This page has been created to support Andrea and her sweet family as she navigates chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Most everyone has been touched by cancer in some form or another throughout their lives, whether it was directly or indirectly. We know how tiring and trying the journey can be. As a loving church family this allows us different avenues to offer our love and support. Please reach out to Laura Reed (Woleben) if you have any questions or concerns. Phone calls and text messages to Andrea should be reserved for well wishes and support.

Special Notes

Paul is allergic to Red Dye 40. Please if supplying a meal be conscious of ingredient lists. Family meal favorites include: Taco Soup Tacos Seasoned Fries Pizza Pot Roast Wing Stop Tuna Casserole Tuna Salad Chicken dishes of all kinds

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