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The Frauenhoffer Meal Train

Marshall, MO


Welcome to the "Frauenhoffer Meal Train" After the unexpected chain of events during Carter's delivery, we understand that there will be a long road to recover for Kelly. So we wanted to rally together all of their friends & family members to provide the Frauenhoffer's meals so they wouldn't have to waste time with the hassle of planning & cooking meals. Continue reading to learn more about contributing in the Frauenhoffer Meal Train.

Special Notes

How to Help: ~Select "I'll Help" from The Care Calendar below to sign up for a date to provide them with a meal. ~Please include the meal you intend to make in order to avoid too many back-to-back nights of the same ingredient/dish (Shannon would never gripe, but from my 35 years of experience - he's picky just like dad). ~And of course gift cards are a great option to local restaurants, especially if time or distance prevents you from the option of providing a home-cooked meal personally. ~Or send money for a meal directly to their paypal Just be sure to select any date available for your meal please. ~Once you've entered that info, please reach out to Tina Frauenhoffer or Christina Zimmerman on Facebook to coordinate the time & place for Tina to deliver their food. ~ In the words of Easton John Frauenhoffer: "That's easy-peasy, lemon squeezy." Food Suggestions: ~The Frauenhoffer's love quesadillas, chicken, pizza, Mexican food, BBQ, fresh salads, fresh fruit, and especially ice cream (**single serve to conserve freezer space**) and homemade deserts. ~ Anything home cooked is appreciated, we only ask that you send your dish in a recyclable container or clearly (& permanently) marked dish to ensure it's return. ~ Please remember to label the dish with Name & cooking directions. ~ That said, it’s also super nice to receive takeout from their favorite restaurant and be able to order exactly what they are craving. Consider a gift card/certificate or sending them money via paypal so they are able to order exactly what they're craving. **Due to social distancing & nap schedules, Tina has volunteered to pick up & deliver your meal contributions to the Frauenhoffer's, unless otherwise addressed. ** We are requesting that anything pertaining to "The Frauenhoffer Meal Train" be directed to Tina or Christina only please. ~ Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, & participation to those who help.

Care Calendar