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Will's Warriors


Will was diagnosed this month 7 years ago with Synovial Sarcoma of his left elbow joint at the age of 9. This cancer is so rare there's less then 1 in a million diagnosed. Following surgical resection and 32 rounds of radiation therapy, the tumor returned necessitating an above elbow amputation and 6 long months of high dose chemotherapy. Just a year post treatment lung nodules were seen on a routine surveillance scan which were positive for metastatic disease- his 2nd and devastating relapse. He quickly began a new regimen of chemotherapy for several months until the cancer stopped responding to treatment. Out of options for his pediatric cancer he was discharged from the hospital and sent home literally to die. But they didn't give up! Will's family fought hard to seek treatment- they finally found an adult Sarcoma specialist in St. Louis Missouri who was willing to see him. They had to persuade the clinical trial teams to include Will because he's just a child. Will has since completed 2 clinical trials with zero success. He's now preparing for his 3rd clinical trial which he hopes will save his young life. He just turned 16 and started his first job. He should be looking forward to high school sports and spending time with his friends- instead he's fighting for his life in a St. Louis hospital. To learn more and follow his inspirational story of strength and determination, follow his page on Facebook at

Special Notes

Meals below are intended to feed 2-4 people. Some days will be in the hospital, some recovering at home with his family. You can help by sending a gift card below. Only 1 meal volunteer needed per day. Thank you šŸ’›

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