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❤️ Hortatory for Haniza ❤️

San Jose, CA


Let us all show some love and support for Haniza’s cancer journey. She is scheduled for a surgery on: Date: October 22nd, 2021 Location: 3rd Floor, 875 Blake Wilbur Dr, Stanford, CA. She will be in there for 3 nights. While she is in there, she needs help with meals, but if you can help with babysitting, please text her or Kevin so that they can have a list of babysitters handy.

Special Notes

Dietary restriction: Halal, seafood or vegetarian Visit restriction: Check after two weeks after surgery. Delivery arrangement: Drop off at the house would be great. Courtesy Call/Text: (408) 239 3684 - Kevin's number Get access gate code : 263 or #3681 For gift cards - door dash or shef are great. Shef's link is : For cooked meals - halal chicken and beef, tofu, fried rice/noodles. We don't have any allergies

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