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Meal Train: New Baby Weaver Makes 4

Mansfield, TX


Baby Kole is here and his parents couldn’t be more excited! Being new parents (even for the second time) is joyous, but also exhausting. Help out the new parents by helping them with meals during these first few weeks. You do can do any of the following: 1) Drop off meals (from calendar) 2) Have meals delivered (from calendar) 3) Send gift cards via giveinkind (from calendar) 3) Send gift cards from Giveinkind wishlist 4) Send gift cards via Amazon wishlist

Special Notes

Favorites: Chik Fil A: Number 1 for Allyson w/ extra pickles. A 12ct nugget meal for KJ. For Karson nuggets and fries. Diet Lemonades all around. Polynesian, BBQ, and Chick-fil-A Sauce Chipotle: Allysons Bowl has chicken, brown rice, black beans, cheese, pico, extra corn, and red salsa on the side. KJs bowl has chicken, white cilantro rice, no beans, guac, lots of pico, sour cream on the side. Karson eats chicken tacos with pico and guac. She also like chips. Waffle House: Bacon, Egg, and cheese biscuits for mommy and daddy. All Star special for Karson. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Stevie D’s Cheesesteaks: Full Chicken cheesesteak, combo for mommy. Just one full chicken cheesesteak for dad (no combo). Salad n Go: Chicken Cobb salad as is for mommy . Chicken Caesar salad for KJ. Light Parmesan cheese (I share with Karson). Other spots we like: Pappadeaux, Torchy's, Our Place, Einstein's Bagels, Orchid City Fusion Cafe, 360 Brunch House, First Watch, La Madeleine, Super Simple Simon’s Pizza, Starbucks, 7Brew, Flying Squirrel Coffee Coffee order at Dutch Bros: Allyson - Medium Salted Caramel Protein latte KeJuan - Medium Salted Caramel Mocha w/ Oatmilk No nuts for Allyson, no cheese and no beans for KJ. Karson loves chicken or ground beef/Turkey quesadillas, taquitos, GUAC, spaghetti, chicken nuggets and fries, strawberries and blueberries and all things breakfast!

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