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What's going on with Von?

Edgewater, CO


Hello Friends and Family, Well HECK, we find ourselves, 15 years later facing down the big bad C, again. As some of you may know and others may be here to find out for the first time, Vonnie has been diagnosed with Leukemia. After feeling not well/off for sometime, someone finally did the right blood test, and discovered that she was running at a 1/4 tank. Meaning her body stopped making the necessary amount blood at some point in the past year or so. The actual science is beyond our education level, but the facts and action plan are things we can tackle. As the diagnosis and prognosis unfold we will give updates here. We are endlessley grateful for your support, love, out pouring of "how can I help", as we get a grasp on this new reality we will share here what mom needs. From something as small as a joke for the day to something like a ride to treatment, and so much in between. Please understand we, Kori and Brette, are doing everthing we can for mom as well as our families. We want to make sure you feel informed and able to support mom/Von, but it may take us a little bit to get our ducks in a row.

Special Notes

Currently Von is in the Oncology ward at Presbyterian St. Lukes in Denver and not able to receive goods from the outside. This is a germ factor and restrictions from the hospital, because of the sensitivity of ALL patients in that ward. Sadly this incudes, flowers, food and people :( We are asking that if you want to do something at this time to help, and really any time you can, you donate blood. We've all heard of people need blood in some capacity, I personally did know there were people that had a blood deficit. Here is a resource for you..... or call 303-500-6509 to make an appointment. We will post her needs as they arise so please check back in for updates and ways you can help. We are truly grateful for all of our family and friends and appreciate the out pour of love đź’• and support!!!

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