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Jordan Hospitalized for Mystery Seizures


Jordan is having seizures as a result of respiratory complications. What was initially overlooked at hospitals one and two was finally properly diagnosed as RSV at hospital three. Jordan has suffered for over a decade with chronic respiratory issues and RSV, a severe respiratory illness, has made things even worse. Her body is not getting the oxygen it needs and is now literally shutting down. Tuesday evening Jordan passed out at home. She was unable to be woken and 911 was called. When EMTs arrive her blood pressure was through the roof and her heart was racing. She was brought via ambulance to a local hospital but was eventually sent home with instructions to follow up with her normal doctor. Wednesday Jordan was able to get in to see her doctor. While there she passed out again, twice this time, while in the office. She was transferred to the ER again via ambulance.....a different hospital this time, one her doctor is connected with. Her episodes continued, progressively getting worse, as she sat on a bed in the hallway of the ER for close to 10 hours. Even with having been referred there by a doctor within their system, medical staff did not take the situation seriously. Thankfully my sister is a strong woman willing to advocate for her child. She reached back out to Jordan's doctor who personally vocalized to the ER that Jordan needed to be transferred to a pediatric specific ER just outside of NYC. By 11pm Wednesday evening Jordan was taking a third ambulance ride to a facility over an hour away. While there her episodes continued to progress, but at least this time there was a pediatric neurologist available to consult. After roughly 24 hours in the ER Jordan was admitted to the hospital for neurological testing and surveillance. We are thankful for a wonderful peds team who was (FINALLY) willing to listen to my sister regarding Jordan's health history. By the end of the day we had answers. These seizures were directly linked to her respiratory health and could have been prevented if the first hospital HAD JUST LISTENED. Jordan is now home but not out of the woods. She will require round the clock care until we can assure that these episodes have resolved. This means an unplanned leave of absence from work for my sister. These unexpected and preventable medical expenses are already adding up. Just the three ambulance rides alone cost a fortune. Please help in whatever way you can to ease the financial burden. These last few days have been terrifying for all involved and appreciate any and all support we can give my sister and her family.