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Randi and Ashley New Baby Meal Train!

Alameda, CA


Hi all! Thought we would put this out there if you are interested in dropping off meals or helping out when Sprout makes their way into the world! If you are interested in coming to help support with some kitties or what not we ask you to be fully vaccinated both for covid and double points if you have Tdap! No visitors at the hospital, Kaiser doesn’t allow it. But a text will go out when we go in! We would adore some love and support and help if you are local and want to help us and if you are far away a FaceTime or text message of love is always welcome! Randi 541-601-2472 Ashley 315-657-3984

Special Notes

We love all foods! Trying support breast milk. Anything with quinoa (sweet or savory), oatmeal, soups, stews, things you can eat one handed quick snacks are all welcome! Typical dinners we love or lunches Pizza (corn crust) and salads Anything with quinoa (good for breast milk) Taco salads Sandwiches Thai and Indian Randi likes most things except fresh tomatoes! Pleases none of those. If you are unsure. please text Randi. No food allergies. Not big fans of fish or heavy dishes. Basically if you make any food or send us food we will be so happy. Thank You in advance. We also may NOT have a dryer when baby arrives. Long story….sooooo if I (Randi) could hire you to maybe help me out to do some laundry I would be so grateful! But we can cross that bridge. You can tell me if you want to help me. And thank you. It feels weird making this request. A note taped to the window or a text message from you is also acceptable. We love you.

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