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Weidinger's 2 Under 2 - Meal Train

St. Petersburg, FL


With baby #2 on the way and baby #1 still under 2 years old, we know Devyn and Eli will have their hands full come April. Let's show them some love and support by helping with one of the most essential of needs - food! A calendar below will show days that local friends can volunteer to bring food by to the doorstep of our beloved friends. For any non-local friends and family, there are delivery options and gift cards available too! Special Request: With COVID still a threat to some, please do not prepare or bring food by if you're not feeling well or have any symptoms. To be extra safe, it will be best to drop your food off and text the family so we can eliminate risk with no-contact. :)

Special Notes

Dietary Restrictions/Requests: The Weidingers love all kinds of food! Beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables are all fine. They have no gluten or vegetarian restrictions. However, fish aren't their favorite, so unless it's like, a KILLER recipe, it may be best to stick to another protein.

Care Calendar